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Please email to request that your Content be removed from the Marvel User-Generated Website. You must include a link to the content that you want to be taken down. Within ten business days of receiving your request, Marvel will make reasonable attempts to remove the Content.
Offer in Principle Terms of Use
Marvel’s Offers in Principle programme allows students to compare their grades to course admittance requirements set by participating universities and controlled by Marvel.

These are the conditions (together with our privacy notice) that apply to anybody who uses the Offers in Principle service, both of which are subject to change at any moment. Your continued use of the service signifies your acceptance of the new conditions.

Through this service, Marvel Insights does not make formal offers on behalf of the colleges.

An “Offer in Principle” from Marvel Insights confirms that the student meets the university’s standards for the relevant programme and intake, and indicates that the university is likely to make a formal offer upon submission of a complete application.

If a student receives a “Offer in Principle,” our counselling team will contact them to perform verification checks. If these checks are successful, Marvel will send the student’s information to the relevant university via the Offers in Principle programme, and the counselling team will assist the student in submitting a comprehensive application. The institution will either confirm whether or not it has made a formal offer to the student, or it will not make one.

Within ten working days of receiving a comprehensive application, participating universities will seek to process applications for students who have received a “Offer in Principle.”

The university’s decision on whether or not to make a formal offer is solely its own, but it may include instances in which:
  • Any information provided by the student was incorrect;
  • The student does not possess the necessary qualifications;
  • The student does not comply with the visa requirements;
  • the student has previously been excluded from the university; or
  • The university is unable to contact the student.

There is no formal offer made unless the university clearly informs the student that one has been made. The student cannot – and must not – depend on Marvel’s “Offer in Principle” to any significant amount.
It is the student’s obligation to ensure that any information submitted in the application or as part of the “Offer in Principle” service is complete, true, and correct.
Marvel holds a “Offer in Principle” for a pupil for thirty days at first. If the student does not complete verification checks with our counselling staff during this time, it will immediately expire.

Students can cancel their application at any time by contacting our counselling team.

Marvel accepts no responsibility or obligation to the student if an offer is not made to the student for any reason at all because it is merely offering a matching service. Marvel’s only obligation to the student is to submit the student’s complete application to the appropriate university. Our Offers in Principle service is offered “as is,” with no warranties or guarantees, and we assume no responsibility for any damage incurred as a result of your use of the service.

For the purposes of the comprehensive application, all information submitted by the student to Marvel, including personal data, will be transferred to the institution. Marvel’s privacy notice outlines the grounds on which it collects and processes personal information.
Website Terms of Use
You also agree to be bound by the IDP Website and App Terms of Use in addition to these User-generated Content Terms of Use.